CIO/CTO Branding Strategies: 3 Primary Differentiators for that Executive IT Resume

For This leaders searching to differentiate themselves in the current employment market to capture the interest of executive technical recruiters and CEOs, you need to communicate an individual brand. The private brand should be a number of things:

1. It must communicate something of worth

2. It should be specific and focused

3. It has to resonate together with your audience

4. It absolutely should be substantiated from your experience and accomplishments

I just read lots of articles from career services professionals speaking about personal branding (regardless of whether you such as the term “branding” or otherwise, it really means the way you’re positioning yourself within the employment market). Most posts don’t tell the readers about the significance of having the ability to put some meat behind your claims.

Perception “appears” to become reality, but eventually frauds get uncovered. And So I don’t recommend attempting to make yourself something you aren’t. Branding is all about getting the unique you that people see, not creating a fantasy.

Let us take particular notice at #1 in the above list, as it is effectiveness will drive #2 and #3 too. For This Company directors, VPs, and Senior-Level Managers, you are gonna need to generate a message that isn’t single:1 correlation together with your present job responsibilities. In all probability, after you are more “hands-on” than you will have to maintain a CIO role. For current CIOs or CTOs, you have been taken off the “hands-on” stuff for time. So now you ask ,, how can you focus your resume or profile to speak this value towards the readers?

You ought to have 3 primary regions of concentrate the next order of priority:

1. IT & Business Transformation

2. Revenue Growth

3. Productivity & Financial Savings

Leveraging technology systems, services, and start up business models to fuel revenue growth and lower operating costs is essential too. There’s a restored concentrate on using technology to create top-line growth, so projects with revenue generation fundamentally ought to be more essential than cost-cutting solutions.

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