How To Boost Your Business With A Defined Identity

No business is neutral or aseptic. We all establish at one level or another emotional association with the people and businesses we work with. Companies acquire their personality, and we assign them adjectives that we would use to describe a person.

The Objectives Of Corporate Identity

The corporate identity of an organization contributes to aligning the communication as well as actions, reactions, and behaviors of a company to pursue the objectives established in the business mission.

A defined corporate identity not only makes our organization more recognizable within our sector of activity: it can also have a significant impact on the company’s income just like in a food production company, before you could advertise; you must have a food advertising license (ฆอ which is the term in Thai) for your Ads to be recognized.

Towards An Identity Model

The corporate identity is made up of 4 elements:

Corporate Design: Corporate design deals with the appearance of the company and aims to visually express the identity of a company. The corporate design area includes the design of logos, business cards, the appearance of offices, prospects, banners, and the website.

Corporate Communication: Through corporate communication, the values ​​and standards of our organization are expressed, both abroad and to the people who participate in it.

Corporate Philosophy: Establishes the behavior of the members of an organization, defining specific ways of reacting and acting in specific situations, both among people within the company and in their relationship with its environment.

Corporate Mission: Communicates the unique and differentiated identity of the company through its objectives and motivation.

Advantages Of Corporate Identity

Corporate identity also contributes to fostering a sense of identification with the company, both for workers and customers. In companies with highly defined and developed corporate identities, such as Apple, the users of their products end up associating the values ​​and culture of the company with all its products and integrating them with their personality, which translates into high fidelity of the consumer.

The corporate image has a crucial role in the public perception of the company: its correct development is aimed at the differentiated and positive perception of the organization. A coherent corporate image fosters the credibility, confidence, and security transmitted by the organization, which has obvious advantages when establishing solid relationships with our business environment.

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