How To Optimize SEO Content To Scale Positions In Google

Today, the content that we can find on Google is practically infinite.  Therefore, if we want ours to stand out from the rest and gradually climb positions, we must take care of SEO content with SEO agency Bangkok and… write as Google likes.

Unlike what you may think, writing for SEO is not only writing the keyword two or three times throughout the text. SEO and content marketing cover many more aspects to consider.

Choice Of Keywords And The Theme Of The Article

When creating SEO content, the first thing we have to think about is the theme of the article and know what the main keyword is.

Perhaps, have you ever wondered if, when writing for SEO, keywords have to determine the theme or if, on the contrary, the theme determines the keywords.

Writing Of The Article, Links, And Selection Of Images

Once we are clear on the subject, and we have finished our keyword research, it is time to write for SEO.

Publication Of The Article In WordPress

At this point, the next step is to publish the article and work on SEO for WordPress

Index The Article In Google

One more step! Once we have published our article on WordPress, we cannot know exactly when the Google bot will pass to track it.

With this fourth and final step, we will make the SEO content index much faster. Even, sometimes, in just a few minutes.

What Is Indexing A Page In Google

For those who do not know what it means to index a page in Google, in a very schematic way, it could be said that this process consists of trying to get the Google robot to quickly find your newly published article, read it, classify it and include it in its index to show it to the rest of the users.

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