Optimistic Companies Should Be Doing SEO

2020, the year that was “unprecedented”, “uncertain”, and “difficult”, presented businesses with challenges to their very survival. The global pandemic, violence, and social upheavallead to somebusinesses closing forever; lives and livelihoods lost. Is there room for optimismpost-COVID-19?

The effect of the pandemic was felt differently among businesses.Some closed without any hope of reopening while others closed and tried to reopen with mixed success. Some closed temporarily and chose to use the resulting downtime to plan for the new normal when the lockdowns would be lifted. It was this anticipation of a return to the pre-pandemic world that motivated some strategically minded business owners to continue their business development efforts.

Amid the noise of 2020, some businesses quietly worked on their online presence by improving their website and working on getting found in Google searches. Google is the most popular search engine and the primary way of getting found in Google is through search engine optimization (or SEO). SEO is a process thatinfluences the ranks that Google assigns to websitesbased on specific keywords.  Getting to Google’s first page is always the objective since most searchers never godeeper into the results when searching. It is labor-intensive and sometimes expensive to get there but it is very much worth that investment.  An online marketing company in NJ can help get a website onto page one. Usually, the returns in the form of increased sales outweigh the investment substantially.  Companies that temporarily stopped their online marketing campaigns during 2020 saw their positions in the search results decline or disappear; they lost their investment in SEO. Those who kepttheir online marketing budgets at pre-pandemic levels not only protected their SEO investment, they saw improvement in their rankings. The business optimists succeeded by dramatically improving their search rankings without a substantial additional investment.

To learn why optimism is warranted after a most difficult year, check out this infographic from Landau Consulting, an SEO and internet marketing company in NJ.

Optimistic Companies Should be Doing SEO featured image Landau Consulting

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