Logos have grown so much now they are considered as an essential brand feature but it is also important to note that bad logo design can cause too much struggle for some businesses. almost all the companies have an emotional attachment to their logo designs. hence creating a bad logo might hurt the company’s psychological well-being and cause trouble for the designer. for a logo to meet all the requirements set up by a company it should be functional in any off situational factors. to achieve a logo design that is recognizable instantly it should follow a few rules to pass the test of time.

here are some pointers to make your logo in such a way that it is loved both by the company and their customers 

  1. The art of keeping it simple: it is no hidden fact that some of the most iconic logos of some big brands suggest Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are made from simple shapes and clear lines. these attributes make the design easy to remember and easier to create while at the same time rendering a heavy likeability towards it.

2.a logo should be unique: some companies struggle with their logo designs because they share one or the other aspect of it with some other company. if a person’s or a company’s logo reminds the customer of some other companies’ logo it is a huge problem. Create a logo online [membuat logo online, which is the term in indonesian] That is unique is not as hard a task. the designer needs to take a step back and focus on the shapes and forms.

  1. using appropriate typography: a lot of logos are based on text and they work well for some companies only if the font used is on point.

some of the most famous font choices for logos are:

  1. Times Roman – which is classic.
  2. Helvetica: which is very modern and has a sleek look to it
  3. stencil: it being highly decorated not as commonly used for a logo

Hire expert designers who keep all these points in mind while designing your logo

Fast work is a freelancer company that makes it easier for clients to hire logo design experts. The website is easily navigable and it makes the process almost enjoyable. For further instructions on how to hire a logo designer, they have a dedicated FAQ page. Grow your brand loyalty via people who create designs that are unique and assertive and asks the right questions.

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