After an extreme tornado or a busted pipe, you may find yourself managing numerous inches of standing water in your cellar. Is this a reason for worry? Is this something you can handle on your own? What do you do after it? There are most likely a million questions going through your head, not the least of which is does standing water present a danger to my family or my residence?

  • Standing Water as well as Your Residence

If your sump pump stops working to clear your home of standing water, you could be in for some difficult and expensive repair services. The ordinary water damages insurance claim is $5,531.

  • Water Breach as well as Home Damage

Perhaps the most evident adverse effects of standing water are property damages. And since water damages are a progressive concern, the longer you wait to deal with standing water, the greater the damages to your residence: your rugs, your wall surfaces, your furniture, and more.

  • Standing Water as well as Electrocution

The problem is that water as well as electricity mix too well. This can position a severe threat to you and your loved ones. So please stay clear of standing water. Await a basement water damage cleanup service, fire department, utility firm, or a licensed electrician to make sure the location is safe.

  • Stagnant Water and Your Health

Standing water can be a sanctuary for germs, especially if the source of the water invasion is your sewer line or some outside resource, such as flooding. This level of standing water can include what is known as black water, i.e., water that has been in contact with fecal matter, a haven for hazardous bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. On top of this, standing water that is not dealt with in a timely way can become stationary, additional placing your household, as well as your pets in jeopardy.

  • Water in Your Cellar Can Cause Mold

Mold needs just three things to grow: food, wetness, and optimal temperature level. And it just so happens that standing water provides plenty of dampness to aid promote mold and mildew growth, which is not just a hassle, but additionally a risk to your wellness. Mold direct exposure may exacerbate allergy as well as asthma signs and symptoms, especially in children as well as individuals with compromised immune systems.