The attorney should fully explain the law relating to your case, the steps necessary to bring your case to fruition, the agreement regarding fees and expenses, the extent to which you will be involved in the case, and the time it will take for the various steps in your case. However, before a personal injury attorney for Injuries from a vehicle collision can give this explanation, they need to have detailed information about your accident and injuries. Therefore, also the expectation is that you will be asked to fully explain how you were injured and the circumstances surrounding the accident, the extent of your injuries, the treatment you have received and will likely receive in the future, your history of health and employment and the loss of your wages or income from your injuries.

Should I speak to more than one attorney?

There is no magic in the process of hiring an attorney that requires interviewing multiple law firms before hiring one. If you have good recommendations, the law firm and its attorneys have the qualifications and most importantly, it seems like the right thing to do when you talk to them, hire the firm. On the other hand, if you are in doubt, feel free to speak to multiple attorneys before making a decision.

I have a personal injury attorney but my case is not progressing?

Ethical rules specifically allow a client to change attorneys. In other words, a lawyer cannot demand that a client remain a client. Therefore, if your case does not seem to be progressing, you can call another law firm. However, before doing this, it would be a good idea to meet with your current personal injury attorney for an explanation of the progress of your case. He will guide you better. If after this you decide to call another lawyer, you should know that changing lawyers when there is a contingent fee agreement presents some complexity. You should ensure that your new personal injury attorney fully explains how your first attorney’s rights will be handled and that the fee agreement that you sign with your new attorney addresses this issue.

Can I call the insurance company directly?

Some insurers have tried to contact people injured in accidents directly and have told them not to hire an attorney. Insurers say they will pay the injured person directly, saving expenses and legal fees. While someone may tell you that they have been successful in doing this, the vast majority of the time it is only the insurance company that benefits. The knowledge that a personal injury attorney has can be shown by a few examples –

How long do you have to make a claim or file a lawsuit? What compensation do you get form the insurance company? What factors are used to determine this amount? Does the insurance company have the right to interview and take statements from you and your family? Do you have to pay Medicare, Medicaid or your health insurers from the compensation you receive, if so, how much?