Why You Should Take a Free SBIRT Training Course

Addiction is a monumental barrier to overcome; it affects the life of not only the person suffering from addiction, but those close to them as well. If you’re in the healthcare field, you are in a unique position to help individuals struggling with substance abuse. However, if you’re missing the proper training to identify these individuals, or take action when they’re in your care, you may not always recognize how you can help. Taking an SBIRT training course can help. SBIRT stands for Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment. It is an evidence-based approach to deliver early intervention and treatment services for individuals who suffer from substance abuse, or who are at risk of developing addiction.

Taking a free SBIRT course is beneficial to all those in the healthcare field, or those who come in contact with high-risk persons. If you are a doctor, nurse, first responder, or social worker, this training gives you the tools you need to identify and provide resources to those who are struggling.

Many organizations provide SBIRT training, but not all programs are free or available to be taken online. With a rigorous career and work schedule, it is not always feasible for you to take time to attend a course in person, or incur an added expense. Organizations like The University of Utah offer SBIRT training free and online, making it easy to get the resources you need.

In this free training, you’ll acquire the skills for things like intervention techniques, referring to treatment options, screening at-risk individuals, and options for treatment alternatives. There are professional benefits to this free course as well: SBIRT is approved for 3.5 hours of continuing medical education credit. Not only will you further your professional education with this free training, but you will also be empowered to help those individuals in vulnerable positions, making a significant positive impact on their lives.

Interested in learning more about free SBIRT training? Ready to sign up for a course? The University of Utah’s SBIRT course is online, free, and taken at your own pace, with an average completion time of 3-5 hours so that it can fit in anyone’s schedule. Contact us today for information on how to enroll.

The Substance Education Institute offers free SBIRT training in Salt Lake City. Contact them to learn how to earn free CME credits in Utah.

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